Message from the President

“There are two ways to live your life - one is as though nothing is a miracle,
the other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein


On our home page is a personal photograph of an American treasure, a tulip poplar tree planted by George Washington at Mt. Vernon in 1785. Years before, he tethered his horse to another ancient poplar at Falls Church, Virginia.

After being a general and president, Washington went home and planted this tree, perhaps with memories of what lent him strength in another place. He also gave specimens of the tree to his friend Lafayette as a gift to France. Today, this tree is over 140 feet high and two centuries old. It endures.

This is our vision at the Davidson Centre for the Professions: to be a place where talented and skilled people tend what is beautiful and majestic in their lives. This is a unique community where skilled and talented people in the service professions can work with a remarkable group of individuals to address the question “What is important in my life, and how do I make that grow and flourish?”

Those who are called to lives of service in the professions of law, medicine, ministry, and public service have given years of study to their disciplines. They made public oaths of office and cherish the highest standards of skill in their work. Above all, they are led by a commitment and duty to help others. Our work is to help them continue to serve with joy and excellence.

Enjoy getting to know us and our work. It is our hope that we might have the privilege of meeting you.


George W. Jacobs

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