Consulting & Coaching Services

Davidson Centre has developed a faculty of talented and experienced professionals who will design programs specifically for your needs. They have developed their expertise through leading more than a decade of on-site programs, and through continued education and practice in their selected fields. These professionals come from leadership positions in the arenas of coaching, licensed counseling, ordained ministry, business, medicine, spiritual direction, and trauma work – all highly certified to lead seminars, work groups, clinics, and programs in their fields.

DAVCP can design a specialized event for your needs. The faculty and administrators will work together to develop an effective, vital program suited to your group’s needs, whether it is resilience, wellness, self-care, or strength building.

In the last few years, DAVCP has held presentations for clergy, hospital systems, educators, and International leaders. One unique seminar was developed for a hospital system and featured a panel with:

  • A nationally recognized Physician/Coach speaking on physical resilience,
  • A Professional Coach from a business and psychology background with powerful insights, and
  • A Jewish Spiritual Director/writer with keen observations into human nature.

Another multi-day presentation was developed off-site for a school system and community that had experienced great trauma. Other programs have included Eagala - Equine assisted therapy;, a multi-year development of a wellness program for Methodist clergy;, and on-going consultations for clergy and church professionals.

DAVCP’s faculty and administration will work with you to develop a panel discussion to discern the tools you need to move forward and maintain excellence in your group’s professional and personal lives. We can arrange to come to your community with advanced planning. Our programs are interactive, supportive, targeted, and are lead by highly skilled and motivated professionals.

Please contact us for information about Consulting and Coaching Services.

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