About & History

The Davidson Centre for the Professions was founded as the Davidson Clergy Center in 2003. Co-founders, George and Gordon Jacobs, with the Board of Directors, brought together an experienced and noted panel of counselors, consultants, health and wellness advocates, and spiritual directors who built a program for clergy wellness. The flourishing program continues to serve national and international church professionals from many backgrounds.

In 2009, the Davidson Clergy Center began development work with the Clergy Health Initiative and Duke University to include health coaching and seminars. These were highly successful and continue within the Clergy Center. An advisory committee studied an expansion to include those who serve in other caregiving professions. A year later, these business executives and consultants helped develop the Davidson Centre for the Professions.

The Clergy Program continues to serve clergy. As DCP develops new and effective programs, it is dedicated to assimilating the strongest panel of faculty, professional coaches, health and fitness consultants, spiritual directors, and administrators. The Centre is here to revitalize the passion of caregivers!


The Faculty of Davidson Centre for the Professions is comprised of experienced experts in the fields of pastoral and clinical counseling, spiritual direction, professional coaching, and physical and nutritional wellness. They have a deep passion for their areas of expertise, and value the opportunity to work with participants in this unique program structure. They are drawn from a wide regional area and represent the best in their professions.

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Board of Directors

Charles E. Fienning (Chuck), Chairman

  • Senior Advisor and Former President and CEO, Sumter Packaging Corporation
  • Sumter, SC

Wesley Blanding

  • President, Blanding Iron Works
  • Sumter, SC

David Brown, Jr., MD

  • Retired Ophthalmologist
  • Sumter, SC

Suzanne (Sue) S. Fienning

  • Civic Leader
  • Sumter, SC

George W. Jacobs

  • President Emeritus, Davidson Centre for the Professions
  • Ordained Presbyterian Minister
  • Davidson, NC

Gordon R. Jacobs

  • Managing Partner Emeritus, Davidson Centre for the Professions
  • Davidson, NC

Bartow (Bo) S. Shaw, Jr.

  • Forestry Management
  • Sumter, SC and Charlotte, NC

Charles Shaw family

  • Sumter, SC

T. D. Williams (Ted), III, MD

  • Gastroenterologist
  • Sumter, SC

T. D. Williams (Tod), IV

  • Attorney
  • Charleston, SC

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