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In the months of COVID, and until a vaccine rolls out, our Clergy Program has scaled back to a four-day instead of five, with a maximum of two participants.  The offerings remain the same within the new timeframe, and with two participants, there is much good work accomplished!  We are beginning to schedule online offerings, and look forward to having you join us for an event soon.

Through the Horse’s Eyes

“There is something about the gentle wisdom in a horse’s eye that can put even the most troubled soul at peace.” A desire to serve, guided from Above, helped you enter this sacred path.  Ministry.  Clergy are faced with copious challenges and stressors specific to their vocation.  Ultimately rewarding, yet over time, many pastors encounter struggles with transitions, leadership, self-doubt, or friendships.  Schedules become intense with life/work balance, self-care and identity squeezed in.  Also, coping with emotions such as grief.  The human aspect while serving as a pastor is tenuous. You became connected to the…
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Standing Knee Deep in a River and Dying of Thirst

The above words come to mind when I work with ministers who face the constant challenges of “our work”.  I often say to my brother and sister clergy, “We can get awfully thirsty giving other people water.”  Anyone in ministry knows what I mean.  We who are called on to provide water to thirsty souls learn over time that giving the water does not mean drinking the water. Those whom we serve must think that we have some kind of artesian spring that naturally feeds our spirit.  Not true.  We too need to stop by…
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Write Your Way Forward

What if I told you there’s a tool that is easy to use, never breaks, and doesn’t cost much? The more you use this tool, the better it works — and it’s literally at your fingertips. Journaling is a reflective practice that helps us make sense of our experiences. Writing about events and emotions leads to greater self-awareness, new perspectives, and transformed behavior. But I’m so busy, you say. My head is buzzing with all the competing demands I’m juggling and all the things I’m trying to remember to do. I don’t have the time…
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Spiritual Direction Jan-style

When I first sit with a client, I offer my abbreviated definition of spiritual direction – that which I have come to recognize as true over the more than a decade of answering the call to this wonderful ministry. To me, it is about “Holy Listening;” the client and I are seeking to discern how God is working through what is happening in their journey of the moment. I define “Holy Listening” as the practice of keeping my heart and soul open to hear what is really being said – what is the real issue…
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Clergy Program participants are saying:


“It is an incubator for abundant & holistic care that plants seeds of possibility for life moving forward.”


“….offers professional development on a personal level with great balance…”


“…gives freedom to stop & focus on oneself.”