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Those who serve in the traditional vocations of caregiving: ministry, chaplaincy, medicine, and public service, have deep and common bonds. They have prepared themselves through years of education and specialized training; are governed by high personal and public ethical standards – including oaths of office; adhere to strict levels of professional competence; and above all, are led by a commitment and duty to help others. These standards remain important, even as increasing challenges of service and the ebbing of support communities bring new stressors to those serving in these unique vocations. Our uniquely designed programs provide a framework for successful professionals to rediscover their strengths while building professional and personal goals. The accredited program leaders’ journey with you to help you better understand where you are right now, how you got here and where you want to be.

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Custom Programs & Consulting

Davidson Centre has developed a faculty of talented and experienced professionals who present topics and lead programs specifically for your needs. They have developed their expertise through leading more than a decade of on-site programs in their selected fields. These professionals come from leadership positions in the arenas of coaching, licensed counseling, ordained ministry, business, medicine, spiritual direction, law, journalism, and trauma work. All are highly certified to lead seminars, work groups, clinics, and programs in their chosen areas.

DCP can design a specialized event for your needs. The faculty and administrators work together to develop an effective, vital program suited to your group’s needs.

DCP has developed presentations, on- and off-site, for clergy, hospital systems, educators, and international leaders. One unique seminar developed for a hospital system featured a panel with:

  • A nationally recognized physician/coach speaking on physical resilience,
  • A professional coach from a business and psychology background with powerful insights, and
  • A spiritual director/writer from the Jewish faith with keen observations into human nature.

Another multi-day off-site presentation was developed for a school system and community that experienced great trauma. Other programs have included Eagala (Equine assisted therapy), a multi-year development of a wellness program for Methodist clergy, a military chaplain program, and on-going consultations for clergy and church professionals. A program for hospital chaplains is in development.

DCP’s faculty and administration will work with you to develop a panel discussion to discern what you and your organization desire to move forward and maintain excellence in your group’s professional and personal lives. Our programs are interactive, supportive, targeted, and led by highly skilled and motivated professionals.

Please contact us for information about customizing a program for your needs.

Future Offering: Online Webinars

DCP is looking to develop an online platform for those who wish to dig deeper into specific topics, or who have found enrichment through online events. Our goal is to assimilate thought leaders and presenters to share their expertise and passion around resilience, self-care, and spiritual and emotional guidance through Webinars and online groups.

At this time, DCP will develop a webinar or small group gathering upon request.  Examples of offerings are a small group journaling workshop, resilience seminar, or interactive group spiritual direction. We have a panel of experienced consultants who are ready to customize a group event for your study or colleague cohort.

“….opportunity for intensive personal reflection in a comfortable and safe peer setting.”