Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the on-site programs alike?

The programs are specifically developed and presented for the uniqueness of each professional group. Each on-site program will have components specifically integrated to meet the challenges inherent in care-giving professions.

Is this program for me?

Yes, the program is designed for you! Through registration inventories, asking what you would like to focus on, and other forms sent in pre-program, each participant’s experience will be unique. It is an opportunity for wellness, a time away from your workplace, and a chance to revitalize and rediscover your career and life priorities.

Are the programs considered continuing education, conferences, or retreats?

While they contain components of all of the above, they are specifically designed for the participants, with a high ratio of one-on-one time with experienced leaders. The intensive work experienced during the day is balanced by evenings free to discover the area, relax, read or reflect, and have renewal time away from everyday obligations.

With that being said, many organizations do consider our program as one which meets CEU requirements.

How many participants will be in my cohort?

Each group has a maximum of four participants, which will ideally be diverse geographically, denominationally, and in individual strengths and goals.

Do I need a car while in Davidson?

During inclement weather, it may not be ideal to walk from various lodgings to the program location. Please check distances on the accommodation page.

You may arrange a shuttle to and from the airport through Natuliz, as well as a daily shuttle. Often, other program participants are happy to assist with shuttling.

Are housing and meals provided during my program?

Housing, travel, and meal costs are not included in the program tuition, with the exception of those who have accessed the NCUMC scholarships through their Conference. Many hotels include breakfast, and lunch is provided for participants on the last day of the program. We keep an array of snacks and beverages on-site, and there are restaurants in walking distance for quick lunches.

Is the program confidential?

Yes, all sessions and communications are kept in the highest professional confidence and in accordance with any governmental regulations.

Do you provide references for your program?

We would be happy to put you in touch with a former participant, many enjoy speaking about their experience. Our faculty and administration are always willing to confer with you at any time.

Do you take credit cards?

To assist with keeping costs as reasonable as possible, we kindly request checks  prior to your arrival.  Please note: We are researching the use of mobile apps as a way to receive future payments.

Do you have any offerings for spouses?

Sometimes, a spouse will travel with the participant, and they are welcome to share a joint counseling session, the nutrition session, and utilize the YMCA while visiting. We are building our online offerings to accommodate requests for spouse/partner support and resilience.

Is your program only for crisis or referral by church leadership?

Absolutely not! We specialize in assessing where you are right now and where you ultimately would like to be.  This is an affirming and encouraging program at any stage: transition, personal stress, impending retirement, burn-out, new congregation, sabbatical, or any routine that needs revitalizing!

“An advance rather than a retreat.  A boot camp for burn out.  A store for gathering needed tools.”